"If you need help connecting the dots with the tools in your business I would recommend MindCloud any day!"

Jordonna - Business Owner at DiaGurl


Working Together Since: 2021

"Working with MindCloud has been a pleasure, and continues to be! They helped us create a system where the workload of 80+ employees, many of whom are working remotely, is organized and streamlined, helping us save time and energy on a regular, daily basis."

Business Manager at Future Care Consultants


Working Together Since: 2021

"The Mind Cloud team is very professional and does excellent work! They have great solutions to automation and integration of different software and apps!"

Adi Klevit - Co-Founder at Business Success Consulting Group


Working Together Since: 2021

"They are very professional, efficient and with a mind set on fully satisfying the customer's needs..."


Working Together Since: 2021

"MindCloud is the #1 software for API, EDI or any tech connections."

Ikey Sabbagh, President at CLS Brands


Working Together Since: 2021

"Not only was the actual software created well but the customer service was above and beyond what anyone could expect."

Trisha Williams - CFO of DreamCon


Working Together Since: 2021

"Honestly, it can be challenging to find someone who you trust, gets it done on time or before, is affordable and also very easy to work with."

Kim Lau - COO/Partner of Summit Financial Consultants, Inc.

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