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We can help you automate all your multi-channel ecommerce platforms with no lost data or orders so you can scale your business, now.

Our custom integrations are built to run without wasted time and frustration.

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Why MindCloud?

We do it for you.

MindCloud is a software company that helps connect your ecommerce platforms and automate your orders, inventory, fulfillment and processes, so you can eliminate manual data entry and start automating and scaling your business.

Skip the extra costs and make the power of technology work for you.

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Automated solutions for each part of your business

CUSTOM integrations built for YOU

STREAMLINED connectivity without the hassle

Created for businesses of all SIZES


With prebuilt connections to the most ecommerce platforms, and elite programmers able to customize connections for you, there's basically no software, platform, database, or device we can't work with.

We can connect anything to everything. Instantly.

Let's put it another way...

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As technology continues to advance, the ecommerce business owner uses more and more software, 3PL warehouses, and sales channels as part of their business. A lot of time can be wasted manually fixing or fulfilling orders, updating products, tracking inventory, etc.

This results in overwork, stress, high payroll, lost information, lost orders...

Here's the problem:

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Now, enter MindCloud:

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API Integration at work

Order Management

MindCloud connects directly with a designated site to retrieve new orders. This information is then relayed directly into the platform your company uses to manage orders. As orders are retrieved, your local inventory is automatically updated with the quantity of the item ordered.

Inventory Management

Increase orders and reduce cancellations by having a proper count of available stock. MindCloud integrates directly so whenever you add stock this information is synchronized with your listings so customers will always know what is available and what is out-of-stock.

Update Shipping Information

When you ship out an order, MindCloud automatically updates the shipping information and status of order lines to “Shipped” which then triggers the charge to the customer.

Keeping it Simple

MindCloud was developed to cater to brands and businesses of all sizes. These solutions have been tested and successfully implemented resulting in seamless transitions from order placement to fulfillment with complete customer satisfaction.

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It's time to automate your ecommerce business and focus on growing your bottom line.

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What our customers are saying

“MindCloud has been our integration partner for the past year and connected over 15 sites to our Salesforce platform. This is the best integration platform out there and is the perfect solution for companies that need integrations but don’t want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on software and IT staff required by the competition.”


“We Contracted MindCloud to create a software that would feed our estimates into QuickBooks and we couldn’t be happier with their work. Not only was the actual software created well but the level of customer service was above and beyond what anyone could expect. Our estimator has a fairly difficult personality and we are extremely appreciative of their patience.”


“The MindCloud team is very professional and does excellent work! They have great solutions to automation and integration of different software and apps!”


"MindCloud is the #1 software for API, EDI or any tech connections."


“Honestly, it can be challenging to find someone who you trust, gets it done on time or before, is affordable and also very easy to work with.”


“We use MindCloud at Super. We’ve found them to be very responsive, reliable, and most importantly - *fast*. They are able to take high-level specs and figure out implementation details and design and augment our own development capabilities to move faster. MindCloud has had a material impact on our business. We’d recommend them to anyone who has a need to scale their development teams.”


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